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Equipment for Dry Mortar Powder Packing Machine

       The dry mortar powder is a very common material in achitechive, but there are hardly suitable machine to package them.  Which machine is beat for packing the dry mortar powder in small producing factory?  This type machine is more appropriate in the small packing factory.  This model GG-6 is a very popular paking machine in achitechive field, each bag no more than 50 kg per hour. Other powder and granular materails also can be pakaged.  Whole paking process is very smoothly, the special is the this machine has six discharge port, which makes the machine with more high capacity and high speed. Except dry mortar powder, the packing line aslo includes vibration screen, pneumatic valve, spiral gate, rigid impeller feeder, bags picking machine, bags collating unit, bags clearance unit and the electric cabinet. So this mortar powder packng machine is the best choice for packaging the dry mortar powder. 

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