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Equipment for Packing Milk Powder with Bags

Milk powder made by fresh milk though technology removing the water from milk,  and then though cooling or heating for drying, finally put some vitamins, minerals in the powder.  Milk powder is one health reconcile food in people's daily life, people though children to older all like to drink milk powder. 

This milk powder packing machine adopts the calibration system, once there are some mistakes, the machine can correct the mistake. It can achieve the feeding, inflation, counting, sealing, code printing, feeding, a certain time to stop, the packing time, packing weight can be controlled by peoples.  Due to the milk powder is the dry powder, once it meet the wet air will be changed the quality, and become deteriorate.  Usually, some businessmen choose filling the Nitrogen for avoid the milk powder go bad, or even packing with vacuum.  From the survey, there are more than half milk powder will be packing into bags sold to the market.  Bags packing process can reduce cost and the more easy to transport to other places. The cans package will be deformed if  improper transport.  So the basg packng is more practical in daily life. 

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