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Machine to Shelling the Melon Seeds in Turkey

        Melon seeds is similar with the pumpkin seeds in the shapes, so the pumpkin seed sheller machine also is suitable for shelling the melon seeds in the foods processing factory.  The Turks like to eat the melon seeds and pumpkin seeds very much, so there are many businessmen start their seeds processing factory in Turkey. 

      The principle of the melon seeds shelling machine:
      The main working parts of the machine, including rotation for the rejection of the material plate, the external impact of a fixed circle.  Once the melon seeds put into the work area, the machine will improve the speed of the disc, with centrifugal inertial force to the impact circle, melon seeds will be shelled though the impact of the shake disk. Then the melon seeds will be filtrated, separated. Melon seeds shell, the particles in the rotating fan blowing force, so that light weight melon shells blown out of the body, the heavier weight of peanut particles through the shaker screen to achieve the purpose of screening. Melon seeds shell will be blown out of the machine, the weight of the seeds of heavy seeds are screened out through the shaker. 
      Now, this melon seeds shelling technology has been used wildly in many seeds processing fields, such as the 
pumpkin seeds, watermelon seed, melon seeds,hanging gourd seeds and other seeds with high quality and multifunction. So if you are interested in such machine, please contact us freely. 


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