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Maintenance Method Of Peanut Peeling Machine

Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine as one of the important peanut processing equipment, maintenance is important.
Peanut peeling machine with a V-belt conveyor. New band in the use of a period of time, due to the role of tension will gradually elongate and relaxation, so to regularly check the tension of the belt and the various parts of the gap is appropriate and timely Make adjustments.
During the work, should always pay attention to the speed of the machine, sound, the temperature is normal.Every off a variety of species or one day after completion of work, should be shut down to check whether the various parts of the overheating of the various parts of the screw is loose, if found loose should be tight Solid, after each operation, the edge of the machine, that is, fish scales in the hole in the regular use of wire brush to clean up.After the end of the processing season, the machine will be a major inspection. Check the operation and wear of the bearing; Whether the screen bottom deformation or cracks;

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