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Lotus Root Washing Machine Feartures

During the machine working, the ball fruit placed in a few rolling brush roller in the composition of the U-shaped material hopper in the material and the rotation of the brush roller contact surface friction, the water spray from the spray pipe rinse material, this step can achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Lotus peeled body are made of high-strength 304 high-quality stainless steel plate, it is suitable for food processing industry with automated production line fruit and vegetable processing industry, new equipment.
This kind of machine is designed and manufactured with the characteristics at home and abroad. It adopts the principle of brush friction, and widely used in circular and oval fruits and vegetables. Such as ginger, carrots, potato, potatoes, sweet potatoes, potato roots and other vegetables, cleaning, peeling. The whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel, rotating the material, not rust, clean.
Hair roller washing machine function:
Brush washing machine with automatic sprinkler system, the material through the brushes, the friction of brush and  material can clean materials. Pumpkin, lentils, green peppers and other fruits and vegetables; trotters, pig's feet, chicken feet and other meat products; bristle, pepper, sweet potato, sweet potato, ginger and other root crops; Kudzu, such as Chinese herbal medicines and so on.
Commitment of after-sales service:
1. after the installation of equipment, we can offer your company operators with free training guidance to enable them to master the operation of the equipment.
2. the equipment acceptance date of delivery, we offer the product provides one year free warranty.

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