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Maintenance Knowledge of Colloid Mill Grinding Machine

The colloid mill grinding machine is mainly used for grinding peanuts,almonds,sesame seeds,walnut,cocoa bean,bone,potato,tomato,ginger and so on. Do you know how to repair a colloid mill? 
colloid mill grinding machine
Maintenance knowledge of colloid mill grinding machine:
1, colloid mill for high-precision machinery, wire speed up to 20m / s, because the disc gap is very small. Replacement after repair must be used to correct the coaxiality of the shell and the spindle coaxial error 0.05mm.
2, repair the machine, in the open, back to adjust the process, never allowed to use iron Chung direct percussion. Apply a wooden hammer or pad on the block gently tap to avoid damage to the parts.
3, the machine seals: divided into static, dynamic seal. Static seal with O-type rubber ring, dynamic seal with a combination of rigid mechanical seal. Found that the hard seal surface scratches should be immediately in the flat glass or flat castings for grinding repair, grinding material ≥ 200 # silicon carbide grinding paste is better. If the seal is damaged or cracked, please replace it immediately.
4, in the use of colloidal grinding process should be based on processing materials, as appropriate, regular maintenance.
5, For maintenance of the motor, please refer to the motor instruction manual.
6, the vast majority of spare parts for the national standard, the Department of standard parts, all over the country are purchased.

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