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Why Choose This Ketchup Packing Machine

        This packing machine is used for packing the ketchup in the ketchup processing factory.  With the development of the society, the small bags ketchups is wildly used in the fast foods restaurant, hotels, etc as the ingredients. The small bags packing type has many advantages than other packing ways. For example,  one bag capacity is suitable for one time. It solves the problem of the remaining ketchup will degenerate.  And reduce the materials waste  greatly.  Commonly, the size of the ketchup packing bags is customized according people's daily life needs.  This packing type usually used the three sides sealing packing way, that looks more beautiful and easy to use when eating.  

       This tomato ketchup packing machine can achieve the whole packing process with 40 to 80 bags per minute. It also suitable for the peanut butter, honey, chili sauce, shampoo, etc. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us freely. 


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