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Introduction of Chin Chin Frying Machine

1. Belt drive with variable frequency stepless speed control, control the frying time.
2. The device has automatic lifting system, easy to clean
3. The bottom of waste discharge, automatic slag discharge.
4. Using double belt drive up and down, to avoid floats
5. The oil circulation filter system, the continuous filtration of oil residue, extend the service life of cooking oil.
6. Suitable for processing vegetables, pasta, aquatic products and so on
7. Machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel + PLC touch screen control structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, more high-end.
8. Available thermal energy: electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, coal, environmental protection, thermal oil furnace and so on.
9. Special size can be produced according to customer needs.
10. Fryer with runner, fryer ignition, the bolt high 3-4mm.
11. Come on: Under normal circumstances, the user can add 3cm higher than the Internet with the oil, if the fry does not float, the oil can be brought under the belt.
12. Set the temperature and start the heating switch, the burner will work. When the oil temperature rose to 60 degrees Celsius, open the mesh belt drive system.
13. When the oil temperature rose to the set temperature, the burner stops working, the user can put the food into the fryer, a little uniform.
14. You can set the frying time by adjusting the transducer's frequency.
Chin Chin Frying Machine

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