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Top Industrial Automatic Steel Octagon Seasoning Machine in China

        What the octagon seasoning machine is? Many people may not know the machine's function, but for businessmen, they are familiar with this machine.  This coating machine be used in many places about snacks field.  This industrial seasoning machine has eight corners of the body shape. It is mainly used to add seasonings into snacks and mixed fried snack foods, and sugar foods outer coating and polishing. High quality stainless steel looks more beautiful. The preferred flavoring machine has more economical and practical features. Its unique scientific and scientific shape can be uniformly mixed with the desired speed and spices fried snack foods. The machine is equipped with hydraulic cylinders which can makes it to achieve automatic and even flavoring with automatic.

      The machine is also equipped with adjustable frequency and speed of the device wihch can be used in food nuts, puffed food, seafood seasoning coating.This model is designed to be octagonal, it can make the ball continue to roll, as well as raw materials can be easily overturned. 

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