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How to Operate the Grain Drying Machine

1. Machine start.
Using three-phase power, start after the motor rotation direction is correct. Checking the voltage of its work to meet the requirements: the use of single-phase power supply and check the line and transmission equipment capacity is sufficient.
2. Feeding requirements.
The dryer grain generally be less than 2 spider 3%  containing impurity, containing more miscellaneous, will occur overhead, uneven circulation, and even blockage and other failures condition. For more complex grains, be sure to deal with cleaning before frying in this grain drying machine. Otherwise, it will cause the heating airflow to escape and the fault of the grain circulation imbalance; what's more, the motor will be blocked or damaged.
3. Drying temperature.
During the seed drying, the valley temperature should be maintained at 40 ° C. To ensure its germination rate of seeds. The eating grain drying process just make the grain quality is not affected. The inlet air temperature should be set according to the grain variety, the installed grain quantity and the outside air temperature.
4. Safe operation.
During the operation process, the scene must controlled by the familiar with the operator. Do not touch the burner by hand when operating, do not put into the hopper into the hopper; troubleshooting, to be stopped after the machine to run.

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