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Operating Principle of Grain Dryer

Operating procedures for the Grain Dryer:
1. The safe implementation of operations:

(1) when bare feet or hands wet, do not operate the dryer, in order to avoid electric shock;
(2) the reorganization of the workplace: the machine to keep the work around the channel;
(3) safety in operation: to confirm the safety of the surrounding, before runing this machine, covers are all installed, and to avoid unmanned operation;
(4) Cleaning, inspection, rectification of the safety: to implement the various parts of the cleaning, check, you must turn off the main power supply after the burner parts sweep check, ventilation after the flame five minutes, such as burner temperature drop after the implementation. 

2. Precautions for fire prevention:
(1) hot air road, the combustion chamber of the check: check the hot air road, the combustion chamber surface is whether there is combustion chamber surface, the combustion chamber surface; Dust heap to ensure clean; (2) fuel supply system security: Please use the standard tank, refueling, the machine must stop running. (3) must be equipped with fire extinguishers;
3. Do the following to ensure that there is no danger of fire:
(1) there is strictly prohibited within 1 meter of the fuselage around the valley and accumulation of goods.
(2) into the valley is completed, to open the hot air chamber door, to check whether there is leakage of the valley, if any valley, is strictly prohibited dry operation.
(3) hot air room surrounded by four square hole is strictly prohibited to be covered by foreign body to ensure that the wind flow.
(4) after using 5-6 times, the machine should be cleaned and maintained.
4. Precautions for adequate drying:
(1) to ensure the smooth flow of exhaust pipe.
(2) to ensure the smooth discharge pipe.
(3) the workplace to maintain good ventilation, clean.
(4) grains must be removed.
(5) after the grain into the machine do not stay too long, should be immediately air or dry.

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