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Supply Good Quality Almond Peeling Machine

Sweet almonds are a healthy food, moderate consumption can not only effectively control the body's cholesterol content, but also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and a variety of chronic diseases. The fiber is beneficial to intestinal tissue and can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, cholesterol and heart disease. So, obese people choose sweet almond as a snack, you can achieve the effect of weight control. Recent scientific studies have also shown that sweet almonds can promote skin microcirculation, so that the skin red and shiny, with the effect of beauty.
wet type almond peeling machine
Do you know how to remove almond skin? You can use the wet almond peeling machine to remove the almond skin, wet peeling machine design is reasonable, compact structure, using the principle of peeling the human hand peeling and special peeling principle, which has a high peeling rate, the whole kernel rate, , Is the peanuts, almonds, beans, soybeans, hard beans and other deep processing of the production of essential equipment. If you need an almond peeling machine,welcome to contact me with freely,or you can leave a message on our website,we will send the machine detail and quotation to you.

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