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Single Machine for Processing Gingili

          There are many single machine for processing gingili, gingili washing machine, gingili peeling machine, gingili drying machine, gingili roasting machinegingili grinding machine, and the gingili packing machine, different processing need different machine to carry out the working steps. The washing equipment is mainly used for washing the gingili, because the gingili usually are very dity at the before processing,  if there are too many impurities in the gingili, they can not be used to make food or export directly. So in order to improve the quality of final products, cleaning stype is necessary. Peeling process also is needed for some foods factory. The skin of gingili will removed by this machine with high quality.  Before making the butter, the gingili should be roasted by the professional machine, due to this gingili is very small, if the temperate can not control very well, the qulaity of the gingili will be influenced. This gingili roasting machine can produce more good gingili quality. There are stil the packing machine for the market, and the packing types can be according your requirement. More information about this machine, please contact us freely. 

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