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Ginger Packing Process in Factory

       Usually the ginger powder packaged by the bags in the markts, because the plactic bags packing can prevent moisture from the air and keep the ginger powder more fresh.  The ginger powder will be add the additive before packing, little additive can prolong the ginger powder storage time, these additive will not influence people's health. This ginger powder packing process usually use the commercial ginger powder packing machine with high quality and the capacity. 
Ginger powder packing process:
1. Disinfection of packaging machines. Due to the ginger powder is the foods, so the foods safety is important. People should disinfect the machine before packing the foods. 
2. Checking the feeding speed of the feeding pot.  If there are to much materials in the pot, reduce the speed of the machine. It can keep the ginger packing in a smooth packing condition. 
3. Sampling check whether the weight of the finished product meet the requirements. If not, adjust the machine quickly. 
4. Checking the final products sealing effect. If there appeare the leakage phenomenon, stop the packing working quickly. 
5. Put the  packaged bags into the carton boxes
 neatly on the dry places. 


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