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A Bright Future for Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine

I believe you may also find a lot of food on peanuts, such as peanut butter, fried peanuts, peanut cakes, etc .; almost every snack made by peanuts need to be peanut peeling machine for processing, you can remove peanut red skin , Make the peanut taste more delicious.
roasted peanut peeling machine
Roasted peanut peeling machine is one of the core machines for peanut packaging machine, peanut fried rice machine, fried peanut machine, peanut packaging machine and other peanut butter production line. When the fried peanuts remove the red skin, you can enjoy a better taste.
The roasted peanut skin peeling machine is a professional equipment to remove peanut red skin,peeling peanuts are not broken, the color is white, the protein is not bad. Stripping quality reaches export standards. The whole machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, smooth operation, long service life and high peeling rate. 

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