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Electric Soybean Roaster Machine Manufacturer

Soybean roaster is mainly used for roasting or drying of granular materials such as peanuts, chestnut, walnut, almonds, beans, coffee beans, sesame seeds and melon seeds. The use of rotary drum, heat conduction, thermal radiation principle; low production costs (baked when baked goods and pyrotechnic contact), after many customers use proof, the machine has easy to use, energy efficient, durable and so on. Baked products of good quality, health, taste is, can achieve export standards.
soybean roasting machine
The machine uses the electric heat pipe as the heat source, uses the rotary roller, the heat conduction, the heat radiation principle, has the automatic temperature control device; the hot air is the drying medium, the heat energy acts on the baked object, in the baking process is baked Baked in the cage by the propulsion device to continue to promote the formation of uninterrupted circulation, so that the heat evenly and effectively ensure the quality of baking.

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