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Difference Between Octagon Seasoning Machine and Drum Seasoning Machine

Difference Between Octagon Seasoning Machine and Drum Seasoning Machine

       Generally speaking, the fried foods flavoring machine can be devided into two types, one is the octagon seasoning machine, another is the drum seasoning machine. What is the difference between them? Which types is more better for our business? The drum seasoning machine flavoring foods though the drum turning, sometime there will some materials can not seasoning very well. For the large capacity of the materials, the drum seasoning machine is not very suitable.  The oatagon design improve the seasoning effect greatly, during flavoring, when the foods turn to the fold place, they can be flip. The traditional drum seasoning machine can not achieve this. And this machine can be opreate easily with simple structure. Composed with slowdown motor, gear drive, so that the fried food will not be broken, stirring evenly.
Now the octagon seasoning machine is the best machine for different kinds of fried foods seasoning work. It can working with groups or singlely.


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