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What's the Difference of Almond Dry Type Peeling And Wet Type Peeling

For different foods production process, there need different peeled almonds, such as the dry peeled and wet peeled. What the difference between of them? Firstly, for the dry type, the nuts materials need to be roasted by nuts roasted machine, actually, they can be made into foods directly. The roasted almonds their skin usually are very crisp and easy to be peeled though friction, thus, for the small capacity, people usually peeling them by hands, but for large capcaity, the dry type almond peeling machine is necessary.  For the wet type, all the almonds should socked in the water about  three hours. After blisters, the skin of the almond nuts will swell,  and easy to operate to peel. This process can be achieved by people's power or the wet type almond Skin peeling machine
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So the big difference between them is whether they are socked in the water. Thus, the different peeling type for duifferent nuts foods process in factory. Choosing which type peeling is just depend on your foods process demand. 

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