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Methods of Processing the Coffee Beans

1. Traditional sun-type processing method:

This is the basic processing of coffee fruit one of the methods, also known as natural dry or non-washed type. Especially in Africa and other water-rich producing areas, almost all use the sun-style. Directly drying the coffee fruit until the whole dry, and then remove the peel and pulp to get coffee beans. In the past, coffee farmers are in their own yard open space, more rough, a little careless, coffee will be mixed with miscellaneous taste, but with the coffee production technology, some people started producing areas Use the ground to dry, so that the image of sun-style coffee much to reverse. Sun-style treatment of high degree of coffee alcohol, but also more aromatic sweet. Usually, when the coffee fruit dried in the mill after the removal of fruit peel, get directly with silver skin coffee beans, and then sent to the processing plant for further classification of the back of the selection work.

2.  Water - type treatment: 
1>. Washing and separating the coffee beans 
Wash the freshly harvested coffee from the pond and separate the ripe fruits from the leaves, debris, immature fruits and ripe fruits on the surface.
2>. Water treatment method
 Remove the peel and pulp: After washing the coffee into the coffee beans husking machine, and then drying.
3>. Water treatment method
Fermentation: Because the peeled coffee beans are also covered with a layer of insoluble mucosa (also known as "pectin"), which is then piled up and fermented, which quickly breaks down the mucous membrane, making it Easy to be washed out of water. The fermentation time can be determined by the temperature of the fermentation, the coffee variety, the amount of coffee, and the degree of ripening of the fruit. In most regions, the fermentation is carried out in a large portion of the area The average takes 12-36 hours.

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