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The Technology of the Cocoa Bean Peeler Machine

Cocoa beans peeler machine has its own special technology,  this mahcine only use to peel the beans' hard surface, not the bean's shells.  So you should pay more attention about your materials. This machine is the dedicated equipment to process the peanuts, cocoa beans. Except this cocoa beans peeler machime, there are still the peanut peeling machine.  Cocoa beans powder also be used in many places, coffee, cake,snacks and so on. The cocoa beans usually palnt in the Africa, Cameroon, Italy. And recently years, the cocoa bean demand is growing than before. People  more attention about the quality of the cocoa products in life. So if the cocoa bena can not peeled very, it will influence the sales of cocoa beans in the markets.  This machine can peel the cocoa with 200 kg per hour and good quality.  The rate can achieve 98%, save more man power and money in the long term consider about the business. In nowdays, the semi-automatic machine will be replace by the automatic machine. That's why this machine is so popular in many countris. There is a conveyor in the side of the machine, the processed materials will send to the box you have prepared. 


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