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Industrial Grinder of Cocoa Beans Paste

Cocoa beans usually made into cookies, chocolate, coffee, drink, etc. Before made into different types products, they should be grindered into paste, powder, and then mixed with other materils into different products.
 small capacity cocoa bean grinder machine
How to make cocoa beans paste?
Making cocoa bean paste, one type equipment is necessary-industrial cocoa beans paste grinder machine. This machine can help people grinding cocoa bean into paste with high quality. It also can grinder peanut butter, sesame paste, cashew sauce, almond jam, pine nut sauce, Hawaii bean paste, walnut sauce, pumpkin sauce, etc.
How does the grinder working?
Stator and rotor are the important structure of this machine, though the friction between stator and rotor, the cocoa bean grindered into paste. There are three grinder chamebrs, rough grinding, fine grinding and ultra-micro-grinding. Final cocoa bean paste will with good quality.
Due to its simple structure, it can be repaire very easy. Some simple problems just follow with manual is ok. The different machine problem can consult engineer, they can give you more professional explanation.

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