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Coated Peanut Production Process

Coated PeanutWrap peanut production process:
1. Raw materials: 1 kg peanuts, starch (flour can be) 2 kg, sugar 5 kg, salt 20 grams, 5 grams of pepper, pepper 10 grams, edible oil 200 grams, 5 grams of soda powder, 500 grams of water.
2, raw materials processing
⑴ sugar with 60-70 ℃ warm open spare.
⑵ dry flour and soda mix, the salt mix.
⑶ fried to eight mature peanuts into the diameter of 50-60 cm of the sugar-coated machine, with a spoon to open the syrup (about a spoonful of) to mix wet peanuts, not to the extent of the amount of sugar water to allow The syrup is poured evenly over the peanuts instead of the pelvic floor.
⑷ mix well, start to peanut sprinkle starch, the same action as mixing sugar, pour a little syrup, shake evenly, then sprinkle a layer of starch, and so on, until the peanut stained with half a millimeter of starch, with a spoon Into half a spoonful of cooking oil, do not sprinkle starch for the time being: when the oil is mixed evenly, then sprinkle starch, sugar water, stirring, until peanut starch starch about 1 mm thick, then pour half a spoonful of cooking oil, stir well. Peanut beans mixed spread out on the chopping board or large container, so that no adhesion.
3, fried
When the oil burns blue smoke, each time into two bowls of raw embryo, stirring constantly, so as not to sink in the bottom of the pot of peanuts fried, fried black, Yellow, remove immediately, and then into the second birth embryo, so repeatedly, until the bombing.
4, spices
Will be mixed with the remaining sugar peanuts, and then on a bowl of white sugar, boil sugar shape (keep about 300 grams of water) to lift the spoon pouring sugar into glass filaments, rather than a drop down, then the pepper Powder, thirteen powder, paprika all poured into the boiled sugar thin stirring. Pour the fried peanut beans together with the spicy material into a large basin or pan and mix well. Then place in a large container and let out air. After 10-20 minutes of stirring, a peanut dressing can be prepared.

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