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Chocalate Candy Coating Machine for Commercial Application

       What is the special is the chocolate coating machine is used in coating chocalate, sugar of snacks, foods and so on. The whole machine is made of the stainless stell in foods level, very easy to clean. The mixing step and the coating step can be achieve in one time. This machine has been used in the medicine, food, chemical and other industries fields.

Features of this machine:
1. The machine is versatile. Mainly used for peocessing the sugar, chocolate, vitamins and fruit shell nuts, dried fruits, cakes and other products of the coating.
2. The truning speed can be controlled by the variable speed control software. The step is very easy to opreate.
3. This machine also can heat the materials, this designed can make the coat materials combine with the raw materails evenly. It can improve the products taste.
4. It also adjusted with heating wind drying system, the coating materials can freeze very quickly.
5. This machine can also set with the packing machine. Actually the particle packing machine is enough for packing the final products into bags. If you want other type packing machine, just tell us your requirement, we can designed it for you. 

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