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Chinchin Making Process in Factory

Chinchin is one popular snacks fried foods in Europe, we company have recepted a number of European customers untill now. Due to it taste very crisp and delicious and the shape are diverse, different ages people like to share this delicious foods to thrie friends and family. From the analyze the dates, chinchin selling market are increasing every year with 12%. One out of every five Amercians likes to eat chinchin when they are free.
For the chinchin products process, usually though five main steps. Step one, chinchin dough mixing step. Put the weighted flour and water into the special chinchin water dough mixing machine, the mixing time depend on your necessary, untill mix them very well. Step two, pressing dough into dough sheet. Put the dough into the commercial chinchin sheet pressing machine, the dough will be pressed into hard dough sheet. This process usually need large power, so common people hard to achieve this process. Step three, cutting chinchin or froming chinchin. There are different cutting shapes can be choosed, such as the triangular, square, diamond, and so on. Just tell staff which types you want to make. Step four, chinchin frying process. Deep snacks foods fryer machine is suitable for frying chinchin, deep oil can fry chinchin very well. And the frying time and oil temperature can be controlled by system. It’s best frying equipment of whole frying foods production line. Actually, there will many oil on the chinchin’s surface, so the step five is also necessary for the chinchin processing in foods factory, that is fried chinchin de-oil. This step can remove the extra oil from the fried foods, to avoid the product emerging oil during packaging. De-oil step can improve fried foods keep time and tasty, more suitable for people’s taste.

We can also off you final 
chinchin products packing machine if you need. More information about the chinchin production line, contact us freely.  

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