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Equipment for Packing Cassava Starch in Factory

        This equipment is very professional for packing cassava starch in small and medium-sized enterprise with high quality. This machine is designed with the automaticlly system, can package the materilals with the fixed quantity. It consists of the servo motor (or stepper motor), PLC and touch screen control, simple operation, high stability, with the feeder, sealing machine and other components.  Cassava starch powder is very suitable for this machine to package into samll bags.  Actually, many starch packing are though this machine due to its goods packing effects.  The packaing capacity  from 5 g to 5000 g per hour.  Commonly, the powder packaging machines usually have a certain error during the packing process, but this cassava starch packaging machine can control the error no more than the 0.1%,  very accurate.  So this machine is usually used for packaging powder and small particles,  small particles of drugs, veterinary drugs, glucose, seasonings and so on.  We can also offer the coffee powder packaging machine,  liquid paste packing machine and so on. 


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