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Dry Roaster Machine for Cashew Market

        The raw cahsew is white, they are hard to store long time with water, usually they may become yellow.     So many markets usually sell the dry roastes cashew, they can keep long time and taste more better.

Features of the cashew rosater machine:
1. Easy to operate. This type roster machine is the drum roasting machine, it has the short pre-heating time, high working effenciency. The old types drum roaster machine working loudly, and poduce dust at the same time, which is harnful for people's health. The new generation roaster machine solve this problem very well.  Drum design with dust collection devicecan reduce the dust flying greatly, the working room can keep clean. Final roating nuts can meet the national foods requirement.
2. Drying effect is obvious. Before roasting, the nuts will contain some water, but though roasting under high temperature, some water of the cashew will be dried. So it also is the best machine for drying nuts with large capacity.
3. Sterilization function. During sterilizing, the nutrition will not lost. Whole machine is made of the stainless steel, can keep the temperature in 80℃,sterilizing time is short.  It is the best choice to process the fruit or nuts in the factory.  

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