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Carrot and Potato Brush Washing Machine for Foods Process for Sale

This washing machine designed with brush which can washing vegetable more clean for foods processing. It can washing many kinds of vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potato, cassava and so on.

Brushing washing machine is widely used in foods processing factory. Foods health is a big thing in the society.  When the fruit and vegatable processing, using the nylon brush roll to washing these materials. The wire brush should have compression requirements and good elasticity. There is no demaged during hte cleaning. The usage of washing is to remove the surface 
 pesticide residues and dirty.  Brush roller surface can be sheared into a wavy and requiremented by irregularities which corresponding to a set of two brush rollers, it is easy to clean and easy to achieve better cleaning results. We offer more professional brush washing machines for customers. Good quality and well after-sale service has won many customers' attentions among the world. 

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