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Maintenance of the Commercial Peanut Candy Flatting Machine

       The maintance of the peanut candy flatting machine is very easy. What we should is in the daily life to maintence this maintain. Some things you shouold pay more attention to the maintain of the machine. 

Maintain steps:
1. Check the electrical circuit connections are correct.
2. Check whether the part of the transmission room is operatation is normal. 
3. Check whether the rotation axis of the tablet is tightened, correct, stable, with or without missing edge, crack deformation and looseness.
4. Check whether the installation of dustproof board, hopper, feeder, half-hood and other parts is correct.
5. Before starting, hand wheel must be turned by hand, while adjusting the filling and pressure on each side, and gradually achieve the weight of the tablet and soft to the finished product requirements.
6. Check whether the pellet dryness and humidity meet the requirements of finished products.
7. Turn the handwheels on both sides by hand to adjust the filling and pressure to achieve the pressing requirements.
8. Start the motor switch, to be running normally after the clutch.
9. Check  the sound of the machine is normal, encountered screaming or strange sound, immediately stop for inspection.
before the end of the pellet should be the remaining particles in the hopper pressure test is completed, stop feeding.
10. Close the main motor and press the end.

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