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Machine to Coat Candy with Chocolate

         Many kinds of the candy with the chocolate or other materials beloved by the young man, children in the market. So that's why there are so many businessmen start their new business in the market.  With many advantages, this chocolate coating machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry,  pills, sugar coating production, can also be used in food, light industry, chemical industry, spherical or granular materials, rolling, mixing and lighting. For example: chocolate polishing, packet peanuts, sugar, spices, manufacturing dumplings, pearl powder round, rolling desiccant, the production of chemical fillers, aluminum hydroxide ball, alumina ball, porcelain ball molecular sieve, catalyst, etc. So it is an ideal equipment to coat the candy with chocolate. 
         The machine consists of the main parts of the fuselage, the worm gear case, the sugar pan, the heating device, the air blower and the electric appliance. It is driven by the motor through the V-belt to drive the worm wheel and the worm to rotate the sugar-coated pan. Under centrifugal force, For rolling up and down friction, to sugar-coated mixed, etc.  The whole machine is made of sugar-coated pot, heating devices, fans, electrical and other structures. The heating way can improve the coating effenciency, and final producst will looks more beautiful. Small volume make this machine is suitable for any small factory.  It can work singlly, also can be used in the whole candy productionn line. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us freely.  Sometimes, serveral chocolate candy coating machines can work together in the whole production line.  


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