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Which Fryer Machine is Suitable for Frying Thai Fish Cakes

Fried fish cakes is a very popular fried food in Thailand. Fish cake taste very fresh, delicious, all ages can eat it.
Specific making process are as follows:
1. Red pepper should washed clean, cut into small particles ofr next step. 
2. Celery should removal their leaves,  washing clean, and cut into small particles. 
3. Fish should cut into small pieces. And then mixing with the prime chicken pulp, bread crumbs together. Then add a little red pepper tablets, red curry continue to mix well
4. Pinched into a round shapes by hand, about  45 grams each one, and then pressed them into a round cake. 
5. Steaming them. 
6. Frying them. The frying process need a good technology, if you have no experience, and you want a new business about the frying fish cake, you would better use a fish cake frying machine in your factory. This frying machine can control the temperature of the oil very well, never over frying, each one will look very good. And the operation of the fish cake frying machine is very easy, even the women who without business technology can control it. And this machine with the years technology development, it is very safe for health. The machine designed with the system that can reduce the fumes automaticlly. So this machine is very suitable for frying foods. 
7. After frying foods, cooling them. It's your time to taste delicious them. 

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