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Which Equipment is More Suitable for Large Capacity Strawberry

Which machine is more suitable for washing strawberry? How to wash the strawberry in a quickly without break strawberry?  Strawberry is a very popular fruit in the world, there are many farmers planting strawberries in the world.  The surface of the strawberry is very soft, so some machine can destory them during washing. But this brush cleaning machine solve this problem, because this machine brush can be change the brush, there are two different brush can be choosed, one is the brush, aother is the soft brush. So if you want to washing the soft fruits, just change the bruh to soft is ok. So this machine is very multifunction. If you don't want to use the brush washing mahchine, therre are still bubble washing machine in our compancy can offer, and the capacity you can customized bt you really need. 

This washing machine is easy to operate, high quality, has been sold to many differeny country. If you are interested in this straberry washing machine, please contact us freely. 

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