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How the Broad Bean Peeler Machine Working?

Working principle of broad bean peeler machine:
Materials beans under the operation of the disc, the shells of beans will be removed (beans grain moisture <10% -13% is appropriate). The kernel shell mixture material will be filtered to remove from the crushed powder. And then though the fan, the shell will complete separat from the kernel. 

This series of broad beans peeler machine suitable for beans, soybeans, peas which the diameter is less than 25 mm dry grain cereal. This machine adopts the special grinding disc for peeling working, according to the size of the bean varieties, it can adjust the gap rationally and prolong the service life of the disc, and the peeling effect is very good.  At the same time, improve the quality of finished products, but also reduce the powder flying, improving the working environment.

It is widely used in food processing plants, hotels, canteens, specialized households, etc., is the most popular bean peeling equipment users.
1, with peeling and separating two function, high peeling rate, quality and reliable;
2, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to operate;
3, simple structure, easy to maintain, high efficiency.


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