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Bourek Frying Machine for Commercial

       Bourek is one popular fried foods in Algeria, people usualy eat them in the  reataurant, hotel and even made them at home.  Vegetable , mutton and chicken are the common materials insider the Bourek. The details taste can according your really need. Due to it made with the thin dough skin, it is hard to fry them with yellow color during producing large capacity in business. Once the temperature is high, that will influence the final Bourek taste. So the whole frying process need people pay attention to the oil temperature in old way when making Bourek.

      This continous Bourek frying machine is mainly designed for frying high level fried foods, some thin or thick foods is more suiatble fried by the Bourek frying machine. The oil heating way also can be choosed from your country actual condition, the most common way is the gas heating way and the electric heating way. Many fried foods need to remove the extra oil from after frying, this Bourek frying machine can remove the oil with oil removing system, which greatly reduce the time of the whole process.

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