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Apple Washing Processing Process

An apple only contains 60 to 100 kcal of calories, no fat nor sodium, thus, apple is one common low-calorie food. After eating apple people will not easy have hunger esthesis, so it is very help for people to keep body. Apple isone popular fruit in daily, and there are many food made from it. Such as the aple pie, apple sauce, apple juice, etc.  Before processing these apple into different products, they need to be washed very seriously. For large capacity apple, the professional apple cleaning machine is helpful for improving washing efficiency.  
apple washing machine
Usually, apple washing work will though the bubble washing machine or brush washing machine, such type machine can made of stainless steel, meet the international food level.

The brush washing machine is suitable for any kinds of fruit, and its brush can be changed of soft brush or hard brush for different materials. In the brush washing machine, though the friction between fruit and brush. For the bubble cleaning machine, it designed with the bubble generating device, so that the material was tumbling state, during this process, the apple surface pesticide and other dust can be removed out. Float can overflow from the overflow tank of the machine, and the washed precipitate will be discharged from the discharge port and to achieve the purpose of fruit cleaning.  

Bubble cleaning machine is for the appearance of high material design, apply to: vegetables, fruits, aquatic products such as granular, leafy, rhizome products cleaning, soaking.  

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