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Peanuts Skin Remover in Nigeria

        Gelgoog offer the peanuts skin remover in many different countries, such Nigeria, America, Africa, Cameroon, Israel and so on in the world. The peanut skin remover has two different step machine, one is the dry way to remove the peanut skin with high quality, another is the wet way to remove the peanut skin with high qulaity.  Nigeria is a big market for our company, because it has large areas of planting peanuts,  so the peanut processing industry is also very developed than other places. 

       This peanut skin remover in dry way has three moudls the customers can choose for their really need. Each mould ahs its own capacity. The mould GGDP-4 can process the peanut 200 kg per hour, the GGDP-8 can remove the skin of peanuts about 400 kg per hour and the mould GGDP-12 can process the peanuts 600 kg per hour. SO the capacity is enough for you to make choice. The peanut skin removing rate can rach the 96%, high quality and effectiveness.  Of course, the voltage of these machines are different.  It is also a problem for customer to deceide which one is more suitable for them. The higher capacity machine will more weight and large. If you have small factory, the small one may more suitable for you.  If  on the contrary, please choice large-volume machine for your process.

           Gelgoog Machinery always offer high quality machines for cusotmers, no matter where you are from, if you want tobuy this machine, just feel free to contact us, we will send your best price and after-sale service.

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