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Chili Sauce Packaging Machine Information

1. Automatic Chili sauce packaging machine designed with liquid crystal display, the operator can easily see the packing machine dynamic. The menu-based user interface of the liquid crystal display is very simple and convenient for operator.
2. Peanut butter sauce packaging machine made with CPU centralized control system, intelligent photoelectric positioning, more strong anti-interference , two bags of abnormal cursor can alarm.
3. The bag-making system adopts the technology of synchronous feeding motor subdividing, the bag-making precision is high, the error is less than 1mm;
4. Automatic measurement of the length of the packing bag, without worker involve the length of the packaging film set (referring to the packaging material with color).
5. Intelligent temperature controller can dual control horizontal and vertical sealing mold temperature, with double-rotating arm sealing, the heating process will more better.
6. Peanut butter sauce paste machine uses all stainless steel pump, and within the rated measurement range can be adjusted easily and simply.
7. Peanut butter packaging machine is designed with the integration of electric cutter, which can avoid the phenomenon of broken the packing bag, cutter more durable, can be adjusted in the machine running cutter position, thus facilitating user's operation in the making process.
8. This model can automatically complete the bag, measurement, filling, sealing, cutting, printing batch number and other functions. Simple operation, accurate bagging, stable and reliable performance with all stainless steel structure.
Chili sauce packaging machine for food spices, beverages, medicine, cosmetic and other industries liquid paste materials. Such as sauce, oil packets, honey, shampoo cream, cosmetics and other materials packaging.

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