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Mnufacturing Process of Peanut Brittle Production Line

Peanut Brittle Production Line
Peanut brittle is a delicious snack that is popular with not only the elders but also children. It is processed mainly by the peanut brittle molding machine and peanut brittle cutting machine. If peanuts in red skin as your materials, the process of peanut brittle production line will be:
Roasting: Roast the peanuts to prepare for the next peeling process
Peeling: Peel the red skin off and get a better flavor and appearance
Sugar boiling: boil the sugar into syrup for the next mixing process
Mixing: mix the syrup with peanut kernels and other added materials evenly and fully
Molding: mold the mixture of materials flat and neat
Cutting: cut the flat materials into small cubes of adjusted size
If your materials are peanuts in shell, you may need another peanut shelling machine, we company have all equipments for a complete peanut brittle production line, and we can customize equipments suitable for your business. 
Welcome to visit our factory, there are many machines with good quality, you are sure to get your ideal machine.

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