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Notes On Use Electric Heating Sugar Cooking Pot

Electric heating sugar cooking pot can be used in the peanut brittle production line, and can also be used to the process of Chinese traditional medicine’s  steaming, boiling, extracting, concentrating, and honey making. It is suitable for candy, beverage, canned food processing units, and other units such as hospitals, pharmaceutical preparation, laboratory, scientific research units, etc.
Electric Heating Sugar Cooking Pot
Method of Using Sugar Cooking Machine
1.Before use, check if the heat conduction oil reach regulation oil level (150 ㎝below the sandwich).
2. Scrub the pan clean, put into the materials.
3. Before starting the machine, should firstly open the oil valve above.
4. Turn on the switch and complete the circuit, then turn on red switch, adjust the temperature control knob to the desired temperature (usually  the 180 ℃ or so, no exceed 180 ℃), now you can have a normal production.
5. Working finished, close the switch, shut off the oil valve, tilt the pot, by turning the handwheel, make the pot body tilt to discharge.
Safety Tips
1.Before starting machine, you should firstly open the above oil sealing cap and replace the vent cap inside the electric box , in order to release the oil and gas generated due to the high temperature and prevent danger of  high pressure in sandwich of the pot.
2.The machine must be effectively grounded, otherwise, can lead to dangerous accidents.
3.After work, it is strictly prohibited that you tilt the pot in the case of not closed the oil valve, especially tilt outward, that could lead to the heat conduction oil with a high temperature spilling.
4.The air valve is strictly prohibited from water.

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