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How Does Peanut Shelling Machine Works

Peanut shelling machineThe special structure and design of this peanut shelling machine can effectively shell all the peanuts of different sizes.

1. Special structure of shelling machine:
The peanut shelling machine is composed of two parts: de-stonner and shelling equipment.
De-stonner includes feeding hopper, gravity separation sieve, fan and roller connected to the sheller.
Shelling equipment includes grid concave board, fine grid concave plate, rotor, wind machine, gravity seperation sieve, discharging mouth and roller.
Such structure has advantages of simple and compact, reasonable design, convenient operation, stable performance, sieve easy replacement, etc.
2. How the peanut sheller machine works:
De-stonner works: peanut enter into the de-stonner, under the action of gravity seperation sieve, stones and other heavy clutter upward out of the machine, while the peanuts downward through the gravity seperation sieve to the feeding hopper of the shelling machine.
Shelling equipment works: De-stoned peanuts in feeding hopper of the shelling machine drop into the roller first through the role of wind machine. Peanut kernels and shells will be seperated by the collision of the rotor and the grid concave board, and fall through mesh of front sieve at the same time, when passing through the air duct, the wind will blow most of the peanut shells out , peanut kernels and peanuts still in shell will drop down into the gravity seperation sieve. After sieving, the peanut kernels upward along the sieve surface into the drags and the peanuts of small size still in shell will downward through the discharging mouth into the roller, and have another shelling process, finally achieve the goal of all the peanuts being shelled.

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