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The Origin of Sesame Seeds and Some Advantages to Eating Them

Origin sesame
As we know, sesame paste already becoming essentially the most popular seasoning in our kitchen. I'd prefer to share a few cool information I stumbled upon when researching sesame seeds:
1. It is old! Ancient 4000-year-old Babylonian records mention sesame, and it made the cut within the list of medicinal drugs kept by the ancient Egyptians (oh, and I found it pretty cool that they called it sesemt). In truth, "sesame seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop recognized to man, domesticated nicely more than 5000 years ago."

2. Sesame is native to sub-saharan Africa and India, where it truly is cultivated in the largest quantities to this day.

3. Sesame has one of many highest oil contents of any seed. The oil is regarded pretty steady provided that it is expeller pressed and stored properly.
Two words: drought-tolerant. Sesame is said to survive in locations where many other crops fail.

4. In Egyptian Arabic, sesame seeds are named sem-sem, and tahini paste is called tahina.

5. Seeds are typically cleaned and hulled immediately after harvesting. Hulled seeds do not have as a lot calcium as unhulled seeds, however the calcium inside the seed is definitely the far more bioavailable type anyway (well, based on the World's Healthiest Foods website).

6. Sesame seed oil is created of Omega-6 fatty acids, but does not have any Omega-3s. For those who comply with nutrition blogs like Mark's Daily Apple, you are going to find out that the common Western diet regime is higher in Omega 6 but low in Omega 3, thereby causing inflammation. So do not be consuming a lot of tahini and make sure you have lots of sources of omega 3!

7. Curious in regards to the nutritional content material of sesame seeds? "Not only are sesame seeds a really fantastic supply of manganese and copper, but they are also a very good supply of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc and dietary fiber."
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