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Tahini Making Machine Sold to Thailand

         A new tahini making machine sold to Thailand yesterday in company.  The customer comae from the Thailand who opening a factory about tahini, his tahini has sold in many cities in his country. So he need machine to extend the factory, and bought three tahini making machine at once.  He said he will try this machine, if the machine is what he want, he will order another three machins. Finally, he paid the full payment. Comany will transport these machine by air. 

        Information about these machines:

machine one:
Model : GGJMS-50
Fineness : 50-100mesh
Capacity:  0.007-0.008t/h
Power : 1.1kw(380V)/1.5kw(220V)
Weight:  50 kg
Dimension:  530*260*580 mm

machine two:

Model GGJMS-80
Fineness 50-100 mesh
Capacity 0.07-0.1t/h
Power 4kw(380V)/(220V)
Weight 150 kg
Dimension 640*410*900 mm

machine three:

Model GGJMS-130
Fineness 100-200 mesh
Capacity 0.4-0.6 t/h
Power 15kw
Weight 285 kg
Dimension 830*440*1100 mm

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