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Calcium Master-Sesame Sauce

Today, we can talk about the sesame dressing in the nutritional value of the advantages, so what should we should pay attention to when eating the sesame sauce? Sesame sauce is the main ingredient of sesame seeds, sesame seeds can be rubbed out of 5:4 sesame, the nutritional value is similar to sesame seed.
As we all know, high nutritional value of sesame, of which the role of linoleic acid to regulate cholesterol, it has a nourishing effect. Of course, the nutrition of sesame sauce, of course not worse. But here, less than the teacher to prompt you a few points:
1. The sesame seeds are oil crops, so the high fat content of sesame. According to the latest published "Chinese food composition table" that the fat content of sesame as high as 52.7%, it is recommended that you eat as much as possible dilution of sesame, and other attention to the level of fat content of other ingredients that day to avoid excessive.
2. Rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E content in oil crops is generally high. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant nutrient, can resist aging, beauty skin, enhance body immunity, especially for the elderly and women eat.
3. Rich with dietary fiber. Sesame shell rich in dietary fiber, pure sesame in the dietary fiber is also up to 5.9g / 100g, but when the need to dilute the sesame paste to eat, we really intake of dietary fiber content is not high, so do not be confused about that. 
4. Rich in calcium. Sesame sauce calcium content in milk than nearly 10 times higher, should be diluted with water, calcium content is not lower than the milk. Therefore, in the summer to eat some sesame sauce or help to add calcium. However, such a high calcium sesame is not selected as the best food calcium, but let the milk won the Quebec, probably because of its high oil content, popularity is not high because of it.


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