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Peanuts Skin Removing And Half Cutting in One Machine

        Peanuts usually used in many different fields, such as the peanuts foods processing, cakes, bread, peanuts butter, biscuits, peanuts candy, etc in cake stores, foods processing factory, and industry.
Some peanuts processing steps need to be peeles the red skin and chut them into half. Usually, the old type machine only can achieve just one step of the peeling and the cutting. First step is to peel the red skin in one machine, and second step is put them into the half cutting machine. These two machines will cost a lot. But this new type peanuts skin peeling and half cutting machine can complete the peeling work and the half cutting work in one machine, greatly reduce the investment and risk. It is more suitable for the new peanuts business with low price.
       Until now, this machine has been sold to many different countries, such as the India, Thailand, Sudan, the Philippines, Uganda, Bulgaria, Syria, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, etc. We have more professional customers service all over the world with high quality machine, long service life and different capacity. More information, please consult us freely.


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