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Types of Ketchup

Tomato ketchup made with fresh tomato sauce-like concentrated products, the earliest  invented by chinese in the 19th century. Tomato ketchup made  from ripe red tomato though crushing, beating, remove their skin and seeds, after grinding, concentration, sterilization and packing. Tomato ketchup is commonly used in cooking fish, meat, snacks and other food as seasoning, its application is extremely extensive. IN order to meet people taste, there are many kinds of the tomato ketchup can be reference, such as the pure flavor tomato sauce, fragrant  tomato ketchup, western-style tomato ketchup, homemade tomato ketchup, sweet and sour tomato ketchup. 

1>.Pure tomato ketchup:
Some washed tomatoes, put in a cage steam for a few minutes after removal, remove the skin and the rough parts of the pedicle and decay part of the hand crush on the pot boil. After a few minutes, until the tomatoes are cold, stirring it with a spoon, the ketchup can be bottled.
Making process of tomato kechup:
1, select non-rot, and fresh tomatoes for washing, and then put them into the steamer for steaming, peeling them, crushing, and then clean the g
Making process of kechup bu
1, the selection of non-rot, mature pests and diseases of the tomatoes washed, and then into the steamer steamed, peeled peeled, crushed, and then clean the gauze filter seed, leaving the pulp.
2, put white vinegar into the allspice, soak about 2 hours later, then add sugar, salt, so that it is completely dissolved, mixed evenly, and then poured into the tomato pulp.
3, and then a little onion, garlic, pepper into tomato ketchup in a pot for heating. During cooking and stirring them continuously.
4, final tomato ketchup should put into the vacuum jar for packing.
2>. Western-style tomato sauce
Ingredients: fresh tomatoes 2000 grams, olive oil, garlic, onion, the amount of bay leaves, rum, water, sugar, salt, pepper with little.
Practice process:
1, put washed fresh tomatoes into casserole for cooking, then peeling, picking seeds, and crushing.  
2, fry onion, garlic with oil, then add the crushed tomato thick paste.
3, stir fry, add bay leaves, rum, water, sugar, salt, pepper seasoning.
4, once the ketchup become thick, pick up the bay leaves, ketchup is finished.

3>. Sweet and sour tomato ketchup:
Material: fresh tomatoes (about 700g), rock sugar 100g, lemon 1
Practice process:
1, prepare a pot of hot water (60 degrees is enough), put the washed tomatoes into the pot, simmered about 2 minutes, and themn peeling them.
2, cut the peeled tomatoes into pieces, and then pick the seeds avoid to influencing tomatoes ketchup taste.
3, crushing them into sacue.
4, put the curshed tomatoes kechup into pot with rock sugar, boil for cooking. Once the ketchup become sticky, stir them with a shovel, avoid ketchup stick pan.
5, finally add the lemon juice into ketchup and continue to boil three or four minutes. Then the ketchup is finished.

Actually, these are the simple making step for small capapcity, the delicious tomatoes ketchup we can buy from the market are made of the professional tomatoes ketchup making machine, this machine is suiatble for the factory tomatoes ketchup processing. 

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