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How to Chopping and Grinding Nuts

Nuts plays an important role in our life healthy, such as almind, peanut, walnut and so on. Chopping and Grinding nut makes people absorbe the nutrition.

For the best texture, chop nuts in your hand with a large, sharp knife. A food processor can crush and extract a lot of oil from nuts, quickly reducing them to a paste. However, if you are in a rush or have plenty of nuts to chop, the food processor would be the most convenient way to make it happen. Give consideration and you should not overwork them. Pulse the equipment rather than running it continuously to be able to control the texture better.
If you plan to make use of chopped nuts in a baking recipe, give a little of the flour or sugar from the list of dry ingredients to absorb excess oil as you process the nuts. This will help to maintain the nuts dry which help them spread evenly through the entire batter or dough.

When nuts are ground, they release their natural skin oils. You've got to be vigilant when grinding nuts, for they can easily turn out to be nut butter. A rotary nut mill, a simple contraption with a hamper for holding the nuts and a manually turned arm, assures the baker of perfectly dry ground nuts whenever. For less precise grinds, a food processor can be used.

For the best results, combine the nuts with a little of the flour or sugar called for inside the recipe you are preparing and process for no greater than 5 to 10 seconds at a time. Make sure to watch the nuts carefully to stop overprocessing.

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Chopping and Grinding

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