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Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine Sold to Indonesia

       Cacao beans are rich in Indonesia, and many Indonesian traders plant cocoa beans to export. The ability of using cocoa products in the world growing large, so the processing prospects of cocoa beans are very good. Recently, many of the cocoa processing equipments are exported to Indonesia, especially the cocoa bean peeling machine beloved by many businessmen in the coffee processing factory, this model machine designed with large output, peeling very fast, very suitable for large and small cocoa beans processing enterprise. Untill now we have many customers in Indonesia about this peeling series machine. This machine also can be used in processing the peanuts in the peanuts factory. So it is commonly used in peanut food processing, such as cake, bread, cookie, candy, etc, professional peanut half parting machine, easy operating, automatic processing, time and labor saving, power saving.

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