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Chickpeas Frying Machine and Chickpeas Flavoring Machine Sold to Uzbekistan

Two machines sold to the Uzbekistan about processng chickpeas sold to Uzbekistan, one is chickpeas frying machine, another is the chickpeas flavoring machine. This customer is directly come to our company by air, and he also brought the materials about the chickpeas with pre-treated chickpeas, and finished chickpeas. We also taste these chickpeas, they are very delicious, and he was very happy to cooperate with our company this time. He need the frying machine to fry his chickpeas in his store, and also he need the flavoring machine to flavour the fried chickpeas. The fried chickpeas is very popular among the Uzbekistan, there is a big chance for him. 
Feature of machines:
chickpeas frying machine:
Model: GG1200

Capacity: 100kg/h
Dimension(mm): 1400*700*950
2. chickpeas flavoring machine:
Model: GGCY800
Capacity: 300kg /h

Dimension: 1000*800*1300mm

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