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Technical Knowledge of Cellophane

About cellophane:
Cellophane, also known as "regenerated cellulose film", is made of wood pulp, cotton pulp and other natural cellulose is different from ordinary paper, it is looks like glass, So people will call it "cellophane."

Features of cellophane: 
> Non-toxic and tasteless, high transparency, can be made with variety of colors.
> It has excellent tensile strength and flexibility, without static electricity, no self-absorption of dust. Its printing and composite are excellent.
> Under high temperature will deformate, wildly used in food and daily foods packaging.
> Featured with moisture, oil, impermeable, airtight, heat sealing can protect raw materials.
> Rapid degradation in the soil, does not cause secondary pollution to the environment, with excellent
environmental performance. 

Application of cellophane: 

Cellophane is widely used in packaging of food, medicine, shirts, cigarette, cosmetics, high-grade garments, precision instruments, batteries, fishing rods and so on though the dedicated cellophane warpping machine. In addition to transparent colorless, there are golden, pink, green and other colors cann be reference. Cellophane is airtight, oil and water, soft and tough, colorless, transparent and shiny, sealed can be moisture, rust, but a little crack on the crack. Because of its longitudinal strength is large, can be made into paper rope when recycling.

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