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Tips for Cashew Trader Get Best Price During the Cashew Season?

(1) Quality:  By selecting  a high-quality  nut that is well known in the area for having a high out-turn,  If Trader  follow the recommended practices for collecting, drying, and storing, they will maximize their quality, thus allowing  them to get the best price possible for their nuts.

(2)Increase  Productivity:  By  following the recommended practices of pruning, grafting, and plantation  maintenance,

(3)Bulk Sales at a Local Collection Point: By collectively selling cashew nuts, farmers have the ability  to  bypass the smallest middlemen and sell directly to an exporter who will give them a higher  price.

(4) Follow the Market, Understand How It Works: Market research is crucial to making a successful cashew business. each Cashew Trader and each farmer group should actively follow the market trends and the changes in the raw cashew nut price during the season.

(5)Maintain Good Contacts with Buyers: Contacting and meeting all potential buyers is a necessity for cashew Traders groups. Buyers need to have confidence that the Traders group understands the terms of any agreement they sign and that the group speaks with “one voice.”