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Where to Buy the Buckwheat Peeling Machine?

          Where to buy a  machine can peeling the buckwheat, wheat, corn? You need more attention to the machine's performance and quality. Gelgoog Machinery Company can offer you the buckwheat peeling machine in your business. This machine is muti-functional, it can peel many kinds of materials, such as the rice, wheat, corn, buckwheat and so on.  Also this machine can remove the hard skin and germ of beans.  So it is well worth buying in factory.  Our company machines has benn sold to many countries, such as the Brazil, New Zealand, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Kenya, Seychelles, Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon and so on. There are still many good comments from our customers. Their affirmation of our machines is our greatest motivation to continue efforts in the future. We hope can bring amam wonderment in the future continuously. 

         Features of the Buckwheat Peeling Machine:
1. the machine high rotary, low noise ,and easy to operate.Whole machine made of stainless steel. 
2. apply to kinds of grains, such as corn,rice and so on. 
3. with small volume, easy to operation.high peeling rate, low breaking rate.
4. consists of grinding wheel, screen, and milling blade, and fan.  
      If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us.

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